Planer Waldrich Siegen EHS 1750/1800 G45715
Boring and milling machine SHW UF 6 G46636
Boring and milling machine Toshiba BSF 160S (Frame) G46654
Furnace G48401
Balancing machine Schenck CAB 720
Demanding industrial optical measurements using the following equipment:
theodolite, levelling machine, tachymeter, prism


Demanding welded structures from carbon steel to acid proof materials.Welding methods MIG, MAG, TIG, MMA, SAW.

Boring and milling machine
Toshiba BSF 160S (Frame)

Machine type boring and milling machine
Start-up (year) 1990
X-dimension (mm) 24000
Y-dimension (mm) 4500
Z-dimension (mm) 1900
Max. load (kg) 70000
Control Heidenhain iTNC 530

Waldrich Siegen EHS 1750/1800

Machine type Planer
Start-up (year) 1968
X-dimension (mm) (mm) 12000
Y-dimension (mm) 1800
Z-dimension (mm) 1750
Max. load (kg) 45000
Control Heidenhain iTNC 530

Boring and milling machine SHW UF 6

Boring and milling machine

Machine type boring and milling machine
Start-up (year) 1984
X-dimension (mm) 9000
Y-dimension (mm) 2450
Z-dimension (mm) 1500
Max. load (kg) 10000
Control Heidenhain iTNC 530

Straightening press Jenny HVR 500 F

Straightening press
Jenny HV R 500 F

Sheet metal equipment
Compression power 400 tons
Insertion width 1000 mm
Pad guard spread 0-2800 mm
Pad guard height 1000 mm
Stroke length 500 mm

Welding equipment Welding head manipulator MIG/MAG welding equipment 30 PCS, 500A ESAB CAB 4x6


Submerged arc welding
Manual metal arc welding

Furnace ID G48401

Heat treatment

Stress relief annealing
Start-up (year) 1975
Length size of furnace max. (mm) 14000
Height size of furnace max. (mm) 4000
Width size of furnace max.(mm) 5100
Max. load (kg) 75000
Max 650 Celsius

Dynamic balancing services

Shafts, rotors and small rolls
Schenk balancing machine CAB 720
Work piece lenght max 1800 mm
Work piece diameter max 300 mm
Work piece weight max 300 kg
Belt drive

Jarparo Oy specializes in deliveries and co-operation of research and development of demanding industrial investment products. Typical deliveries are big and demanding machines for process- / energy industry which include high level of automation. We offer also customization and R&D services.



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